The second part of the Mocha banana adventure ..

1. Call up the image from the Mocha Banana Tutor 1 result. If you are
using version 3.1 of lasm's line-art.scm then you should get this
name "Mocha-texture-c(0,0,0)"

2. Duplicate the background layer 3 times and have the layer option
in this manner, from top down:
a) Overlay
b) Divide
c) Multiply
d) Normal "Mocha-texture-c(0,0,0)"

3. Now for the final topmost layer..
a) Create a new transparent layer on top.
b) Change the color palette for foreground color to RGB values
Red: 175 Green: 173 Blue 17.
c) Fill the new layer with this color.
d) Set the layer mode to Divide.

4. The final image should look like the picture attached.

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