>>    However subscription to the mailing list is still needed
>> if you want to post or upload files to the files area of
>> the list.
>Clarification: posting is allowed if you subscribe, uploading if you
>subscribe *and* have a Yahoo ID. IOW how Yahoo Groups work.
That's the way it is being done in Yahoo. If you have email 
subscription, you can post via email only. If you have Yahoos id,
more facilities will be opened up to you, for example, you can
post via web interface as well, and you will then be able to upload
files, calender events, bookmarks, photos etc which you will not
be able to do if you subscribe via email only.

Also, if you are moderator of a list, with a Yahoo id, you can
do all the administrative stuff via web interface, which is
very convenient..

It does make sense to do these things, e.g. mark your calendars
via web interface as it is more intuitive rather than try to do
it through email..



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