[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-02-06 at 1102.38 -0600):
> I am working on a Linux Workstation (Red Hat 7.2) using GIMP version 1.2.1,
> Anyway i wanted to use the PrintScreen option to save the contents on the
> screen (Monitor) and paste it as a new image on GIMP. I am sure it's just a
> simple key i need to press along with PrtScn ?

The GIMP way is <Tools>/File/Acquire/Screen Shot...

For doing it via keys and without GIMP, you have to use your window
manager or other application that will intercept the key and call a
screenshoter app. Yeah, sounds a weird method but X11 works that way,
and it is better in the end (you can screenshot via scripts, or other
machine monitors if you have access and lot of other things). Distros
just do not come with a sane default configured, and that is the
problem, not the way it is done.

Which reminds me to polish my shell + sawfish scripts and publish them
soon. I can send you a copy as they are, if you want. But it does not
open GIMP, just makes the shoot and saves to a file, then launchs an
app if you want (viewer, ie).

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