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Familia Romero:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-02-06 at 1102.38 -0600):
> > I am working on a Linux Workstation (Red Hat 7.2) using GIMP
> > version 1.2.1, Anyway i wanted to use the PrintScreen option to
> > save the contents on the screen (Monitor) and paste it as a new
> > image on GIMP. I am sure it's just a simple key i need to press
> > along with PrtScn ?

There are various methods for scaling and saving in lots of 
file-formats , but if you can't use them (like making snapshots for 
documenting the menues) your ditribution should have a tool to take 
snapshots from your screen, that can be set to grab only the 
selected window.

I'm using KDE on my SuSE7.3 ,so KSnapshot is what i use (and like) .
The files produced by KSnapshot can be used anyway you want, like 
integrating it in some kind of manual, etc...

hope this info helps


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