Mocha Banana Tutor 3 - Grand Finale 
- The Reverse-Engineered Banana

1. Call up the blue banana image from the Mocha Banana Tutor 2 result. 
Make sure all layers are flattened.

2. Image->Colors->Curves. Hit the Load button and select
the Mocha-Banana.curves. Press O.K. to apply the curves.
You should get a green banana on a yellow background.

3. Duplicate the layer from step 2. On the top layer,
Filters->Color->Value Invert. Change the layer mode to Saturation..

4. Create a new layer, and paste the original yellow banana image
into this layer. Apply Filters->Enhance->Homogenize :
Horizontal 5, Vertical 5.
Set the layer mode of this layer to Overlay.

5. Finally add the 4th and last layer to the top. Fill this layer with
black and set the layer mode to Overlay.

6. You should get a green banana with traces of yellow.
A reversed engineered banana !!
The final image should look like the picture attached.

Mocha-banana.curves can be downloaded from
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