On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 08:02:04PM +0100, Johannes Liedtke wrote:
> > UUm, I scrolled back and found it, are you sure that font works?  I
> > mean, with the full spec like in the error, not just a generic request
> > of lucida.
> hmm... how do I check that? Never really fiddled with fonts in Linux... just 
> chose them in dialogs up to now... :(

I think he was referring to the messages you can usually find on the
console you started X from--assuming that you boot into runlevel 3,
and start X by running a command like "startx".

If you boot into runlevel 5, I'm not sure where the messages go.  The
XFree86 messages should be logged to a file in /var/log (at least they
are on Redhat).  You might get some useful info by running 'xconsole',
but I kinda doubt it.

One thing you could try to make sure that the exact font you are
specifying in the Gimp is available elsewhere, would be to try opening
an rxvt/xterm with the font:

rxvt -fn '-some-long-font-spec-*-*-*'

(Be sure to put the font specification in single quotes (') so that
the shell doesn't try to expand any asterisks.)

The font will probably look terrible in an terminal, but you shouldn't
get any "Couldn't open font..." messages.

Hope this helps,

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