I'm a newbie to gimp. I'm still feeling my way around; however when
offloading images from my Canon A-20 digital camera, I'm having problems
printing them.  I have gotten gimp to successfully print the images;
however when the image comes out of the printer it has a lot of color
and image distortion.  It's kind of hard to explain exactly the problem
with the image; however the nearest I can explain is that there appears
to be vertical black lines coming down the picture and then in certain
areas the picture just appears blocky.  Does anybody know what may be
causing this and how I can correct it?  This problem is with color
pictures.  With black and white pictures they appear to print and they
are more clear than the color yet I can still see some gradients or
color changes that still don't look like they actually should.  Thanks
for any and all help.

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