[  date  ] 2002/02/19 | Tuesday | 09:32 AM
[ author ] Mike McIntyre <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 

> It's getting the first command done okay, but none of the subsequent 
> ones. What simple but important thing am I missing ?

Try wrapping all those s-expressions inside a begin.
For example:

    ; gimp-quit will not be executed this time...
    gimp -c -i -b '(set! x 5) (gimp-quit 0)'

    ; however, if you wrap it all in a begin,
    ; everything will run
    gimp -c -i -b '(begin (set! x 5) (gimp-quit 0))'

The docs aren't really clear on this, but the -b option
only takes one top-level s-expression.  The Script-Fu
Server is similar in that only one top-level s-expression
is executed per request.

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