On Tuesday 12 February 2002 13:51, Rebecca J. Walter wrote:
> Yes, you are doing fine. :-)  The problem is a known one.  I asked the
> maintainer to let me know if he finds any fixes.  The problem goes over
> my head a bit.

Mike Fabian has posted a solution to the SLE-list.
They provide some patched gimp.rpms for SuSE 7.3 which seem to work great... 
I can use all the installed fonts now...


Here's what he said:

First a description of the problem (Solution below):

1) Problems with scalable fonts:

Although all TT fonts installed on my system worked for me, I heard
problem reports from other people, therefore Holger Hetterich
and me investigated the problem to day. 

It seems that a patch added by SuSEKorea which used gdk_fontset_load
instead of gdk_font_load caused problems with some scalable fonts.

All types of scalable fonts (TrueType, Type1, CID-keyed) seem to work
fine without this patch, whereas there are problems with some fonts
when this patch is applied.

As far as I can see, this patch doesn't have *any* advantage, the
selection in the text tool of Gimp returns a single font, not a font
set, Korean fonts (and other Asian fonts) still work fine even without
this patch. Therefore we removed this fontset patch.

2) Problems with Bitmap fonts:

Almost all directories with Bitmap fonts currently have ":unscaled"
added to the font path by default in SuSE Linux (See the font paths in

The text tool of Gimp almost always tries to scale the fonts, even
the bitmap fonts. When scaling of bitmap fonts is disabled because
":unscaled" has been added to a bitmap font directory, Gimp still
requests a scaled bitmap font and fails. Removing the ":unscaled"
would make it work for some bitmap fonts, but this is not a good
solution. The ":unscaled" is there for a reason. For example,
if scaling of bitmap fonts is allowed, the default setup of KDE
becomes unbearably ugly on some display resolutions.

And, even without ":unscaled", Gimp still fails to load many bitmap
fonts, because Gimp often tries to request the fonts with a different
resolution.  For example, the GNU-Unicode bitmap font actually is
available in the following size and resolution:


After Removing the ":unscaled" from the /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/uni
fontpath, the GNU-Unicode font is also available in the following


The '0' can be replaced by any size and one will get a scaled bitmap
font. I.e. the following font could be successfully requested:


but scaling a 16 pixel bitmap font to 21 pixel gives a ugly
result. Requesting a different resolution from '75' would not work,


would not work. And Gimp tries to request a changed resolution
for bitmap fonts most of the time, therefore bitmap fonts don't work
most of the time.

Holger and me fixed this by disabling scaling and antialiasing for
bitmap fonts in Gimp completely. Scaling and antialiasing for bitmap
fonts doesn't really make much sense anyway, if one wants to use
scaling and antialiasing, one should use scalable fonts like TrueType,
Type1 or CID-keyed fonts.  Bitmap fonts look best in their original

New gimp packages without the Korean fontset patch and with
the patch disabling scaling and antialiasing for bitmap fonts
are available here:


Please test. 

We tested tons of scalable fonts and they all seem to work perfectly

All bitmap fonts work as well, but as explained above they are used
only in their native pixel size and not scaled. I believe it is better
like that, scaled bitmap fonts are unbearably ugly and there are
enough scalable fonts available to make scaled bitmap fonts

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