On Wednesday 20 February 2002 07:57 pm, Joel Webb, went on about:
> I know that this might not be the windows Gimp list but here goes
> anyway. I have been working with Gimp on Windows for about a week. I
> keep getting the same error.
> When it loads extention_scrip_fu  Windows 2000 and Windows 98 Craps
> out. Is there a fix for this bug??
Yes, Joel there is a fix!

You need to do a format of drive C: and install SuSE Linux!  There your 
problem is fixed for a great many things!  :o)

Just kidding, couldn't resist.  I am sorry too I can't answer your 
question as I have never used Gimp on Windows, Linux yes & Amiga yes!  
Never experienced this problem.  I am not sure how well Gimp is 
developed for Windows myself, but I am sure someone here can give you 
some insight.

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