On 2002-02-21 at 1954.37 +0000, Joel Webb typed this mail:
> I am making some gif buttons and they have been looking crappy on the web page
> because gimp hasn't been saving them as Anti-aliased.
> How do I do this in GIMP??
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there is a thing about gifs. the pixels of a gif are either transparent
or not, no in-between.  so in order to have a gif look nice on the web,
you need to determine the background color and save your smooth edges
with just a little bit of the background color underneath it.  there is
a "semi-flatten" option that i have never used.  there is also a
"webify" that i also have no experience with.

the method that i learned on my 1.0.2 GIMP and have been using ever
since is to merge the layer with transparency with a layer of the
background color.  use the magic wand to select the background color and
Edit ->Cut it.  the 404 missing page on my web site has an image that is
prepared this way on it, try http://carol.gimp.org/oops or any file that
isn't there to see it.

it will be a good day when all browsers can support alpha pngs. 

good luck,


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