On 2002-02-15 at 1943.11 -0800, lasm typed this mail:
> Hi Carol,
>    Can you post the irc log for those who can't make it ?
well, the party was not so well attended.  any party with jefft present
is a good one though.

i am not going to post the log of this party.  it is a log of two people
compiling a gimp tar ball without a problem.  ho humm! 

instead, i am going to post a log of the party that inspired this broken
idea for a second party.  this was when i asked kirsten to follow the
first or second version of this how to
http://carol.gimp.org/gimp/howtos/cvs/cvs.html for testing.  i had a
ball that night, and i only invited one other!  go figure!  the log of
this occasion can be found here:

the log has been edited. i changed all of the ">" to be "<carol>" and i
fixed the line broken words and tabbed for the longer comments.  but
that is it.

there is minor slang cussing (a word also used to describe a donkey) so
please be forewarned.

so, i guess if you would like to have fun on the irc writing how tos,
the best advice i can give is to hang out 24/7 and see when kirsten and
i make new plans.

thanks for your interest,

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