On Thursday 28 February 2002 01:08 pm, John Culleton, went on about:
>  I suspect this is a FAQ, but I can't find the
>  answer in Grokking the Gimp and the info in
>  The Gimp Manual seems to be obsolete.
>  I need to connect my Xsane scanner program
>  to Gimp 1.2.2. The manual suggest a simple linkage
>  to the plug-in directory
>  but my plug-in directory has many subdirectories.
>  Should I create a new subdirectory and if so what should
>  I call it? (Slackware Linux 8.0 and Gimp 1.2.2)
>  All assistance appreciated.
>  John Culleton
>From what I have seen thus far, just installing Sane (the main program) 
and XSane (the gui frontend for Sane) solves all your problems!  Once 
all is installed and the scanner setup, Gimp will naturally use both 
for it's scanning chores.  I have not heard of anyone needing to do any 
extra setup or plug-in movement.

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