>  hi...
>     trying to do some layer manipulation ie: paste an object in a scene
>  have the object be 'behind' the scene ie: fish behind a tree ( okay weird
>  but its in the groking the gimp <G> )...I can do it 'manually' using the
>  example in groking the gimp........but I know i've done it before using
>  stack > lower layer ..but I've forgotten how its done..


  I don't think I was clear enough in my descript so here goes again <G>..I
have an image ( i used fish example as its in the gimp but its not my image)
of a rose I loaded into gimp...I want to paste in a water drop say for
example 'behind' the leaf of the rose so part of drop is hidden and part
shows through ( like fish example in grokking gimp)...I can do this manually
by loading image>paste drop and make it new layer>add layer mask and with
pen tool remove part of mask that lets the rose leaf show through giving
appearance its 'covering' the  water drop partly.........

so question is how do I do this ( I've done it before but can't trace steps)
with the layer menu being fairly sure I utilized stack>layer down or
something like that..

thx to those that have replied so far...


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