Hi. Thank you very much for the Gimp; it's powerful, and a pleasure to use.

I'm having some trouble with TrueType fonts.  Most work very well, but
the OpenOffice truetype fonts seem to be getting replaced by default
character cell fonts. Is there any way I can make these fonts work?

The Problem

To reproduce: The OpenOffice GPL'd fonts are available here:


Install them in the usual way.  Try to use them on an image (dynamic
text or Text Tool, it doesn't matter).  Note that they don't work. On my
system, they are replaced by:


Which is very small, very character-celly, and very useless to me.

libfreetype6 (aka Freetype2) renders these fonts correctly - I've checked
using SDL, which uses freetype2 as its backend - the fonts render nicely
at various sizes.

Here's a screenshot of me trying to get it working - note that the font
has simply been replaced.  I'm not sure why the Gimp is choking on this font -
other Truetype fonts from a variety of sources work fine.


Why It Matters

These are the only TrueType fonts I've found (in more than two weeks of
searching), that are genuinely redistributable.  The net is filled with
so-called 'freeware' ttf files; the vast majority of these are actually
stolen proprietary fonts.  Run 'strings' on any of the fonts available from
places like Type Euphoria - it's an education.  It would be awfully nice
if we could get these Actually Free fonts working.

Thanks for your time.

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