I installed gimp-1.2.3 from source on my OpenBSD machine.  It works
fine (as far as I've used it anyway), but I did notice something odd.
The version numbers for libgimp.so and libgimpui.so are both 0.3, while
they were 2.0 with gimp-1.2.2 from the OpenBSD ports.

I tried to check with the packages form some GNU/Linux distros, to
see if .0.3 is the "correct" version, but I couldn't find any
packages for gimp-1.2.3, nor could I find binaries for gimp-1.2.3
on gimp.org.

I also checked the libtool sources, and it seemd like .0.3 is what
it should be, but it seems wierd that the version numbers would be so

What gives?

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