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> hi,   (i hope my english is understandable)

Pretty close.  :-)

> i've made a logo with the gimp with the hight of 482 px. this works with a 
> resolution of 72 dpi. But i must change this to 150 dpi! after a i've made 
> this i had to korrekt the size to the hight of 482px again. but the logo is 
> now much higher and also if print the logo altough the gimp shows in the info 
> window the correkt size! what is this?!  have someone info fpr me please...

The trick to creating a logo for print is to first compute its size in the
print resolution.  For example, if you need a 150 DPI 5"x6" print, then you
need to create an image of (5*150)x(6*150) = 750 x 850 pixels.  This is the
size of the image must be no matter what resolution you set for that image.

If you created a 72DPI image that was 482 pixels tall and then change the
DPI to 150, the print will be pretty small.  If you want exactly the same
dimensions on the screen (at 72DPI, 482 pixels) as on the printed page, you
need to scale the image by (150/72) = 2.083 times.  Therefore your new
height needs to be 1004 pixels.  

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