[  date  ] 2002/03/21 | Thursday | 07:26 PM

> When I save a image with .pnm extension and later I open this image with "od"
> top see bitmap, the first byte is "P6". What that is mean? Is it GIMP version?

>From the ppm man page:

    Each PPM image consists of the following:

    - A  "magic  number" for identifying the file type.  A ppm
      image's magic number is the two characters "P6".


    format  magic number
    ------  ------------
    PBM     P4
    PGM     P5
    PPM     P6

pnm -+
     +- pbm
     +- pgm
     +- ppm

PNM is like a general term for the PBM, PGM, and PPM formats.
 +-- N is like a wildcard for B, G, or P.

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