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> GIMP Users,
> I recently competed a flyer for a relative that I had incorporated several
> clip-arts from the Internet.  Many of them had a colored background that was
> not compatible with the white background I was using.  I used Gimp to remove
> the background using the rectangle and Del button.  This was very time
> consuming to say the least and prone to cutting away parts that I did not
> want too.  I believe there is a better way to do this.
> Somewhere I believe there is GIMP function that allows surrounding the
> selected art object about its perimeter and deleting everything outside it.
> Its name, use and location escapes me.  Would someone run me through this
> process, please. Is there a better way of removing background color?
> jjc
there are a few methods.  

1) touch the background color with the magic wand. that will select the
continuous area of color. then Edit ->Cut

2) Filters ->Colors ->Color2Alpha (on linux) might work also.

i have a question, where is the Del button?


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