I haven't seen anything in the GIMP to do this, but I have seen some
impressive level-set theory research that addresses this task very
effectively. If you are interested, the person to talk to is Bryan


   Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 14:23:34 -0600

   Someone sent some really amusing images of movie stars and what they would
   look like 100 pounds heavier. The images were really well done. They had
   "before and after" shots, so you could see the same image with a skinny and
   hefty star. The pictures were amazing. As one who has labored over things
   like this, I was astonished. I assume this was some Photoshop tool
   (Enlarge? Supersize?), but wonder if anyone knows how this might be done in

   Everything about the images is the same--these were not fatties grafted in
   as they had the same clothes. Some distortion tool was used to select just
   the one person and make them bigger. I am not interested in fattening
   people up so much as seeing how to manipulate one person exclusively,
   without the labor of fuzzy select, which is tedious and sometimes quite
   challenging against a varied background.


   if anyone is intereted in seeing a sample image, e-mail me and I'll send
   one on.

   Jim Clark

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