On 2002-03-30 at 0840.04 -0600, Judy Wilson typed this mail:
> We are switching to all Linux applications in our home, but I still
> have to use Corel for my graphics, and I want to stop. I'm learning
> the Gimp!
> I would like to have more choices for brushes, for especially when I
> use the clone tool. I restore old photos for people here in Corozal,
> Belize. How can I make a different size brush?
there is even more you can do with gimp brushes also. Adrian has a great
tutorial here about image-pipes http://adrian.gimp.org/gimppipe/

also, if you make some useful brushes, i would love to put them on my
site. i am collecting gimp resources that are not already included with
GIMP there. http://carol.gimp.org


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