[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-04-01 at 0944.48 -0800):
> I think he might be asking when gimp will be able to "hook-in" to KDE such 
> that KDE themes, etc, will appy to gimp as with other KDE "aware" apps. In 
> other words, when will gimp be a "KDE-aware" app or will it continue to be 
> an X app on Linux?

<answer kind="waste-time">

Nitpicking? GIMP is not an X app on Linux either. It runs without X
and in other OSes, like Win32 family, MacOSX, IRIX, *BSD... :]

What he wants to know is when he will be able to remove the GTK+ parts
and put QT, I guess. As devel is going, I dunno when (I dunno when 1.4
will be ready either, and that is easier), but I guess that he will
still need GLib and just be able to remove the top GTK+ part, thus not
making it really QT but a frankenstein.

Probably it would be less time and better for everyone if a global way
to share GTK+ <-> QT themes was created, or a translator or something,
instead of trying to fix things app by app. If the problem is the look
and feel, fix that, not chop and rewrite the full app, cos that is
going to be nasty. About filsesystem access, well, maybe there should
be a way to do a generic, more OS level, lib and / or fs, instead of
doing one for GNOME, another for KDE and nothing for the rest.


<answer kind="fast">

When it is done, supposing it is possible. And it should be asked in
devel, not user.


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