Hi Tom,

This is probably a question better asked in the gimp-devel list.  

As far as status as far as separation that would allow a KDE gui to be written,
let me give what I think I know :)

There's different levels of completeness here.  

Much of the code now just depends on glib (no gtk+).  The GUI code is becoming
more and more separated.  Its off in its own directories now.  For this portion
of the code, it would just take someone motivated to write the KDE (qt) front
end.  Also, plug-ins have always been pretty separated.

However, some things we know still have an interdependance.  Tools are one of
those things (unless something changed when I wasn't looking).  They'd probably
need some rewriting to enable another toolkit.  Tool code has traditionally
been  some of the less easy-to-grasp code in there (tile code notwithstanding),
but thats getting far better too.  Gimp-Perl wouldn't work terribly well, and
there's probably others I'm not thinking off that would break as well.

Really the plan for having an independant library you can write your own front
end for is the 2.0 GIMP release.  1.4 will be moving in that direction, and we
do have a number of libraries now, but probably won't reach it.  1.4's release
(if history serves) is probably a year or 2 out.  2.0 is still a way off.  

And of course this depends on a KDE hacker wanting to do something with it.  A
long time ago, there was some ugly fighting between gnome and kde people over
gimp, which if I recall correctly left a bad taste in KDE's mouth for using any
of GIMP's source.  I've not checked on Krayon's progress recently, but they
opted for that choice back a long time ago (called KImageShop then).  KDE folk
may reconsider, who knows.

Happy GIMPing,

Seth Burgess

> I think he might be asking when gimp will be able to "hook-in" to KDE such 
> that KDE themes, etc, will appy to gimp as with other KDE "aware" apps. In 
> other words, when will gimp be a "KDE-aware" app or will it continue to be 
> an X app on Linux?
> Peace.....
> Tom

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