On 2002-04-06 at 1238.51 +0300, Kai Hendry typed this mail:
> Anyone thought or done a cross stitch script for gimp?
> Initial searches have proved fruitless.
> http://www.vistek.com/newhome/xstitch/html/body_2clinux.html
i have been playing and playing with this idea for a while now.  let me
outline my script ideas.

1. resize the image so 10 pixels = 1 stitch
2. map the image using dmc colors <-- this was a huge problem solved
   recently by ?yvind Kol?s (pippin)
3. resize the image to equal 1 pixel per stitch and save as xpm (ever
   look at an xpm file in a text editor? Nathan C. Summers had me do
   this, it was really cool. xpm does so much of the work for you ...)
4. Image ->Blur ->Pixelize 10
5. draw a grid layer and then get the symbol from the xpm file and place
   it nicely in the middle of the proper location in the grid.
6. a key ...
7. option to print just the black and white grid with the symbols, the
8. an advanced setting which will allow selections to be mapped first
   (to preserve subtle colors better).

with help (a lot of help ...) i have gotten halfway through number 5 on
this list.  last i knew, my script would not register.  i don't know if
it is some changes i made to the dialog or if it is these problems with
my desktop that is causing me trouble.

i can give you everything that i have, to date, brokenness might be
included.  or you can give me some time to rid my computer at anything
calling itself a desktop environment and trick debian into letting me
use good old fashioned fvwm2 ....

also, the plug-in that pippin gave me came with many warnings, although
it worked fine.

jefft has a better dmc palette than i have, also.

eh, any questions?  


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