I will have to redesign a site (shopping site) with white background color 
and since the actual site uses photos of the product with the some 
backgrounds (black, gray ... all monotone colors) I will have to remove it 
and I don't know how to do this properly. 

Lets say I have an example like this, an yellow oval shape over purple 


This object has an antialiased border to integrate smootely with the 

If I remove the background using selection tools in Gimp I will get a result 
like this: 


Wich is the result of antialiasing effect, and if I remove the purple color, 
there is no way to remove it completely, some of it will stay: 


I investigated and found that antialising effect changes Alpha values of the 
pixels, so if I place any background backward, the object will adapt to the 
background smoothely. Unfortunately, I already have background on my photos 
and the object together in the image and I need to do the reverse, I have to 
separate the object from the background, so I need to do something with the 
alpha values of the border pixels, right now they are equal to 255: 


How can I do with gimp to remove the purple color fully and convert the 
borders where the object is merging with the background into pixels that has 
Alpha values over yellow color instead of plain orange color ? 

Thanks in advance.
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