On Wed, Apr 10, 2002 at 04:03:45PM -0500, Walker, Sam wrote:
> This is a tough task that sounds simple.
> I would use Fuzzy Select tool on the background, playing with the threshold
> until the selection looked good.  Then invert the selection, and use
> <image>/Select/Shrink to unselect any extra background artifacts around the
> edges.
> You can try the feather and antialias options with the select to blur the
> edges of your selection.
> You might try the edge detect filters.  Then using the Image/Colors/Levels
> tools to isolate the strong edges.  Then use the resulting image with the
> Fuzzy Select or as a mask/channel.
> Either way some hand editting is involved.  I doubt there is a quick and
> easy technique.  If there is, I'd sure be interested to know how.

As would I.  We deal with pictures of glass art.  We make the
background black.  The clear glass on the outside of curves
is hard to preserve while completely eliminating the background.
Maybe I haven't played with the edge detect filters enough ...


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