>How can I do with gimp to remove the purple color fully and convert the 
>borders where the object is merging with the background into pixels that has 
>Alpha values over yellow color instead of plain orange color ? 

Very nice description of a classic imaging problem.

Luckily, this is precisely what the color to alpha plug-in was designed to
handle.  Filters | Color | Color To Alpha, select your purple color, let it
run, and wholah·

The major drawback is that it doesn't only operate on "border" pixels - it
operates on every single pixel in the image (or current selection).  This
1) If you have a real life background like from a photo, you probably don't
have a solid color to remove
2) If your foreground has any component of the color you're trying to remove,
that will be removed too.

#2 is  worked around by repainting "under" the image with the same color you
just removed. For #1... you can keep selecting colors that don't get hit and
re-running it, but my suggestion is to get it close and do the rest of the
touchup by hand.

Happy GIMPing,

Seth Burgess

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