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> Hi,
>  Can anyone tell me the difference between dpi, ppi and
> lpi ? If my intention is to print a picture measuring
> 8"x10", at what resolution should I scan ?

dpi = dots per inch
ppi = pixels per inch
lpi = lines per inch

to know the minimum you need to scan you'll need to know what sort of dpi
your printer is capable of printing.

Lets say its an ink-jet that'll handle 1000dpi  To print an 8x10 without
having to scale the image up or down to make it fit you'll need to scan...

8000 x 10,000 pixels!

Pretty easy eh?

Depending on the software you're printing with you might be able to get a
decent print from less.  If you're going to be retouching the scan you
might want to scan at double or triple the resolution of your printer so
you can make really fine corrections and then scale the image down to the
maximum size your printer can handle right before you print.


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