You certainly have answered most of the questions I had in mind.  I do have
one remaining question, however.  The digital cameras I've seen at stores
like CompUSA only list in their spec. total pixels.  For example 1.3 Meg
pixels.  My question is how can I translate this number to the print size I
want to print (w/o perceptible distortion)?  I print all photos on 8.5" x
11" photo paper and would like to print also at 17" x 22".

I don't currently have a digital camera.  I use the new Kodak format and for
the developing process I request digitized photos.  I don't now recall the
size of each photo-file return (via CD) but I think each photo-file is a
jpeg file under 1 Meg.

So my real question is should I buy a $200 HP camera at 1.3 Meg pixels or a
$ 200 HP scanner?


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>>>>> "Amit" == Amit Mukherjee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Amit> Can anyone explain to me what optical resolution means. I am
    Amit> looking at the product specification of an Epson scanner and
    Amit> it says that the optical resolution is 1600x3200 dpi.  What
    Amit> does this mean ?

Optical resolution is the real resolution of the scanner.  Anything
higher is interpolated and you can do at least as well in the GIMP as
the scanner will do.

Generally, I don't count on anything higher than the lower number;
i.e., for your case, I treat 1600x3200dpi as 1600dpi.

And to avoid the whole problem with asymmetric resolution, I just
bought an Epson Perfection 2450 Photo scanner with 2400dpi optical
resolution.  We used to have an (old) Scanmaker E3 with 300x600dpi
optical resolution, but I found trying to operate it at 300x600
instead of 300x300 just caused little jaggies in the results; I don't
think the stepper motors were doing a good job position the platform.
Newer scanners should do better, but I still prefer the scanners with
resolution the same in both directions.

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