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    Guillermo> In some scanners interpolated is (a bit) better than
    Guillermo> scaling the image afterwards, cos the driver has access
    Guillermo> to the full range of info (some scan in 30 bits vs 24
    Guillermo> of images, for example) as well as knowing how it is
    Guillermo> made the hardware and thus can guess better. But you
    Guillermo> should always pay attention to optical, it is the real
    Guillermo> limit, other things are tricks.

Actually, this is a good point which I forgot.  I've been using
software other than the GIMP for initial processing (mostly level
adjustment) to access the full 16-bits/color from my scanner, then
doing touch-up in the GIMP.  Having access to all 16-bits/color would
be a great thing to have in the GIMP....

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