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 >Dear List,
 >I am trying to create a pdf document for print using the gimp.  I have
 >saved my image as a ps file and tried to convert it with ps2pdf.  The
 >problem is that it looks really really bad.  The fonts are almost
 >unreadable and the images are grainey.
 >How would I convert a ps file to a high quality pdf file.  I have read
 >the online docs for ps2pdf and found them a bit over my head.  Any help
 >that you could give me would help.
 >p.s If this is the wrong place for this could someone send me in the
 >right direction.
the easiest way out : simply open you document with you editor and hit the 
print button. then choose the option -> print to output file. give it a name, 
ie, file.ps or file.pdf
an easy way out : install enscrypt.
another way: install latex and its gui called lyx. you can turn xdvi files 
into .pdf and txt and .ps files.
all this of course assuming you're running linux.
best regards

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