Jason Pearce writes:
> I found this plugin on the web 
> tif2xcf 
> http://www.vierpi.de/panotools-gimp.html
> and i am having trouble installing it i have had a go at the instructions
> given on the website 

I tried downloading and installing it in my plugins directory
(copied to ~/.gimp-1.2/plug-ins and chmod 755) -- it does get run
on startup (gimp --verbose mentions it) but it doesn't register
itself properly.  It runs from the command line.

But I'm not sure my other perl plugins are registering either -- I seem
to have lots of perl files in /usr/local/lib/gimp but none of them
actually show up in the menus where they try to register themselves),
and gimp --verbose doesn't give me any hints about why this might be; it
rewrites my .pluginrc and for most perl plugins I've checked, the slot
where the menu location shows up just gets written as "" regardless of
what the plugin wants.  There's nothing in the perl error/warning log in
<Toolbox>Xtns/Perl/Control Conter except "Fatal Message" (no further
information).  Gimp experts: what might I be missing here?

Jason: It looks like tif2xcf assumes you've already run PTStitcher. 
Did you actually get it to run?  I didn't have much luck with that either
(looks like it'll take a lot of moving files around to get it to find
all the files it needs, not to mention finding a jdk that it likes).

The other package on that page you listed, panotools-gimp, did install
for me and shows up in the gimp menus, but I haven't figured out the
magic incantation to make it actually create a panorama; all I've
managed to get it to do is apply lens distortion filters.

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