I'm creating a "template" button for use on a web site and I'm having
trouble with text color.

I create the button as follows:
File, New, (some size), RGB, Transparent.
Select foreground and background colors
Select and create outside rectangle, fill with gradient.
Select and create inside rectangle, fill with gradient (in opposite

Now if I select black foreground, text, select font; I can add a label
that is black.

However.  If I quit Gimp, then want to create another label, I can not for
the life of me get the text to be black using the retrieved template.  It
assumes the foreground color of the template no matter what I do.

How can I open the saved template and make the text color what I want.

My work around to date is to not exit Gimp.  I create the first label,
save the result as button1.gif, back out using "undo", create the next
label, etc. until I have the desired number of buttons.  I'm SOL if I
later want to create an additional button.


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