Seth Burgess writes:
> > None of the scripts you mentioned use PDL.  One of them isn't a
> > script

Carol Spears writes:
> i have been running into people who cannot find these scripts in the
> menu.  i tell them to get the pdl and magically they work.
> ask terral what it took to get terral text working on his computer.
> in fact, when we were trying to get terral text around to show his girl
> friend, we found that redhat had compiled their gimp rpm without the pdl
> and he had to install the tarball to get it.
> so. prolly you are right and installing the pdl does something else
> magically ....  but doing that always works to get those plug-ins to
> appear in the menus.

In case anyone is interested in more info on one specific case:

I'm on a Redhat 7.2 system.  rpm -qa | grep gimp gives me this:

But those aren't actually the gimp I'm using: I have source tarballs
of 1.2.2 (yes, I'm planning to upgrade :-) and 1.3.5, which are built
and installed to /usr/local, which is early in my path so those are
what I actually run.  I haven't uninstalled the RPMs because it breaks
dependencies, I have a big disk and you can't have too many gimps. :-)

/usr/local/lib/gimp/1.2/plug-ins has a long list of plugins, including
lots of perl ones.  These came from the 1.2.2 source (the ones from
the RPM are in /usr/lib/gimp/1.2/plug-ins).  Lots of these are perl,
and almost none of the perl plug-ins showed up in the menus, until
I followed Carol's advice and downloaded PDL-2.3.2-1.i386.rpm, which
was not installed on my Redhat system (and Redhat doesn't seem to offer
and RPM for it).  Installing that, and removing my pluginrc, made
the perl plugins magically show up in my gimp menus.

Now admittedly, 1.2.2 isn't the latest, and maybe 1.2.3 (downloading
now) wouldn't have needed this PDL RPM.  But meanwhile, I'm grateful
for Carol's advice, which has given me access to a bunch of plugins
that didn't work before.

BTW, I have the gimp-date-extras-1.2.0 tarball but I'm not sure I've
ever done a build and make install from there.  Would that have solved
the problem without needing PDL?  If so, that would be useful to
know, since right now it looks like the extras are, well, extra. :-)

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