On 2002-04-23 at 1526.56 +0100, Pedro Jorge Dias Cardoso typed this mail:
> hi
> how can i draw i simple square with gimp?
> it is possible edit a line after i draw it? to work like vectors in paint-shop
>  pro. for example i wish to resize a line that crossover o text area.
> if anyone knows a basic tutorial to gimp? really basic.
i have a list of very very useful tutorials on my web site.

http://carol.gimp.org  (at least, imo)

using GIMP is just a little different than using paint shop pro.  i
opted for gimp over paint shop pro 5 and 6.

stepping through the tutorials, or even giving them the once over might
help to convert your paint shop pro ways to gimp ways.

gimp can do many things, even with out the vector stuff.  it is a
different approach though.


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