Hi all -

I have been working on a perl script to generate L-systems.  So far it's been 
going well, until today, when, out of the blue, I began getting the following 
error message when I try to access the script from the menu.  The error is:

l-sys.pl: Unable to grok '0' as colour specifier at (eval 3) line 666 (ERROR)

The weird thing is that the script runs just fine if I start the perl server 
and invoke the script from the command line.

I have had similar problems with perl-fu before, but they went away after I 
rebooted.  I suppose I can wait until tomorrow to see if all is well after a 
complete shutdown, but this time even a warm reboot failed to resolve the 

I have tried turning on all the perl tracing available from 
Gimp::set_trace(TRACE_ALL);, but this never gets invoked, because the error 
apparently happens before the script is given control.  Naturally, there is no 
line 666 in the script itself.

If anyone can help, it would be appreciated.


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