Can anyone recommend any tutorials|pages|howto's on
creating tubes or pipes (e.g., metal pipes, brass
tubes) within the GIMP?

I've been creating them by feathering a square select,
stroke'ing the line with a thick brush, then selecting
the shape and filling it with a shapeburst gradient.
I'll then add a transparent black-to-white shapeburst
overlay layer to give it depth. But for some reason,
the corners look very jaggy. I've been blurring the
corners to give them a more anti-aliased look, but
they end up looking like crap, for lack of a better

Is there a better way of creating tubes|pipes within
the gimp? Other programs offer plugins that
specifically create tubes|pipes.

Any suggestions are appreciated. I love the GIMP, and
am very close to weening myself away from PS (even
under Windows! ;).



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