I've just made my first short script and would like to finish it by leaving 
the layers, channels and paths dialog open at the end so that the user can 
manipulate the opacity slider, flatten the image, or if they don't like the 
effect at all, delete the layer created by the script.

Is there a way to do this?

If thats not possible, could I display a message at the start of the script 
explaining that they should open the layers dialog after the script is run?

Erhm might as well include the script... any advice welcome...

; contrast-mask.scm
; A gimp script to adjust contrast levels in photographs,
; reducing highlights and brightening shadows

(define (script-fu-contrast-mask img

 ; Create a new layer to hold the contrast mask
 (set! mylayer (car (gimp-layer-copy drawable 0)))

 ; Name the layer
 (gimp-layer-set-name mylayer "Contrast Mask")

 ; Add the layer to the image
 (gimp-image-add-layer img mylayer 0)

 ; Set the draw mode to overlay
 (gimp-layer-set-mode mylayer 5)

 ; Desaturate the layer
 (gimp-desaturate mylayer)

 ; Invert the colours
 (gimp-invert mylayer)

 ; Blur the layer by a huge amount
 (plug-in-gauss-rle 1 img mylayer 94 1 1)

 ; Flush the display

(script-fu-register "script-fu-contrast-mask"
"Create a contrast mask in a new layer. Open the layers dialog after running 
the script to adjust the opacity and flatten the image"
            "John Keniry"
            "John Keniry"
            "April, 2002"
            SF-IMAGE "Image" 0
            SF-DRAWABLE "Layer" 0

John Keniry

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