Hi John -

It doesn't look like there is any way to call up a dialog box from inside a 
script, but that shouldn't matter, since Real Gimpers (tm) always have the 
layers and channels dialog box open anyway ;-)

A suggestion:  Whenever possible, use the symbolic names rather than the 
absolute numbers for the modes (e.g., (gimp-layer-set-mode mylayer 
OVERLAY-MODE) instead of (gimp-layer-set-mode mylayer 5) ).  Makes things 
easier to read and understand.  You can always check if the symbolic name is 
right by typing it into the Script-Fu Console, where it will give you back the 
numeric value.

For the Mark II version, you might want to add a toggle to allow automatic 
flattening, and maybe a  SF_ADJUSTMENT to allow the user to set transparency 
when the script is called.
(And maybe another adjustment to specify the blur radius?).


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