Hi Bret,
You did not specify your OS, but if you are using Windows convert your XCF 
files to something else
(PNG for example) and download IrfanView from http:www.tucows.com .( IV is 
not cheap; it is FREE.)
Denis McCauley

>From: Bret Hughes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>To: gimp user list <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: 02 May 2002 11:50:31 -0500
>Subject: [Gimp-user] any tools to convert raster to vector format?
>I have som floorplans that I would like to import into AutoCadLite but
>since they are simple scans of printouts I can't.  AutoCad Lite only
>recognizes autocad file typs and wmf files.
>I have these grey scale scanned images in xcf format.  Are there any
>cheap tools that will read anything I can save as in gimp and then
>convert them to wmf?

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