Greetings GIMPers-

To those with wondrous knowledge, I say again thank you. I scanned in a
bunch of very old slides (45 or so years old) and many of them are severely
discolored (though they may have been at the time--I"ve never seen them
before). I have one example at

along with a compressed file for attack if anyone is interested.  I have
all the files as tifs for now, so they are uncompressed. I could really use
some help.

I just do not understand the various color management tools to do any more
than play around with this by wild trial and error--if there is someone who
could describe the precise tools and percentages they used to make this
look better, and I know it will never look good!, I'd appreciate it.

Send results to me, and I'll be happy to post them and describe your
techniques for the world.


Jim Clark

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