[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-05-07 at 1756.22 +0200):
> Somebody has sent me about 20 jpeg images. I could open all of them
> except one. This one was bigger than the others (I don't know why),
> its size was 952041.

When in doubt, use file command ($ file filename) to detect what kind
of format the file has (not the first time someone names a file with
the wrong extension).

> Gimp's answer was: "don't know how to load JPEGSs with 4 color
> channels".
> What can I do?

If it really is a JPEG, I think ImageMagick's convert can read those
CMYK / RGBA files (it seems some app decided those in kinds of JPEGs
are readable by everyone without notification) and save to something
readable by Gimp, like PNG.

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