On Friday 10 May 2002 11:08 am, Catherine McMillan wrote:
> I have been asked, after the fact, to provide colour separations for two
> simple logos I created.
> Using color select isn't giving me the results I want - is there a
> tutorial out there to consult?
> http://www.katewerk.com/gsca/gsca_godbless1.jpg
> http://www.katewerk.com/gsca/gsca_godbless3.jpg
> (These are sample jpgs - the actual files I'm working with are 300dpi
> tiffs)

Have you read chapter 14 in ``The Gimp User's Manual''?  

My understanding is that Gimp is more oriented to online images. The whole
area of color separations etc. is pretty much black art on Gimp. It can be 
done but it ain't easy.

John Culleton
Able Indexers and Typesetters
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