I am new to the gimp mailing lists so
first of all I would like to say hi: Hi!

With that out of the way, I would like
to present a small project I have been
working on with Guillermo S. Romero
which I hope may be of some use to
people who are fellow animators, or
for folks who are into video editing,
or for people who like neat stuff: the
"gimp-perl for animation post-processing"


This is a collection of scripts that do some
fun effects with raw animation/video frames
in batch-mode (each script comes with an
example movie). Anyways, it was a lot of
fun writing these and it gave me an excuse
to stop putting off learning perl.

I hope you like the page, and either find
the scripts useful, or are inspired to
write that great video transition that
you've always wanted to see!

Chris Want

P.S. Many thanks to sjburges for help
while writing these!

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