first thing, get rid of anything gimp that occures underneath /usr.
best way is to use the unistall rpm options, but even then, check for
libgimp and for /usr/bin/gimptool.  make might be finding these things.

once that is done, run ldconfig.

then rm config.cache.

then ./configure.  watch the config spew.  config complains if there is
a problem or something unusual.

good luck. it is worth it. red hat has some screwed up gimp rpms.


On 2002-05-10 at 2124.00 -0600, Ralph Jones typed this mail:
> I just upgraded my Redhat installation from 7.1 to 7.2, and the first time 
> I started Gimp 1.2.1 it put out a long series of "Can't load" and 
> "compilation aborted" messages. The GUI comes up OK, but it looks as if a 
> lot of the plugins didn't load.
> I then installed Gimp 1.2.3 via the config/make/make install route from 
> /usr/local/src/gimp-1.2.3, and it produces the same result.
> Suggestions? Thanks...
> rj
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