I'm running V1.3.3 of the Gimp and haven't  figured out how to adjust 
the fonts the GUI uses.  I've tried adding the following to 
~/gimp-1.3/gtkrc but it doesn't help.  The GUI always uses the same tiny 

style "default"
font = "lucidasanstypewriter-18"

widget_class "*" style "default"

I also have V1.2 installed and it does change it's fonts according to 
the contents of ~/.gimp-1.2/gtkrc.

I installed the Gimp from the source files and didn't see anything 
unusual in the config.log except that the tool couldn't locate support 
for xgettext, AA fonts, or XMU.  Could the AA fonts account for this?

I've searched the www.gtk.org and www.gimp.org for help but didn't find 
anything.  The gtk tutorial was interesting, and I had fun with the 
example used in the introduction but I'm still stuck.  The only font 
problems I found in the Gimp mail threads were related to using fonts to 
attach text to a project.

So, can anyone offer a suggestion as to how I can change the fonts?

bob richard

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