>>>>> "Joel" == Joel  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Joel> If you are working on a static web site, your best choice is
    Joel> probably to go with (yuck) gif.

For a consistent view with *most* browers this probably is your best

    Joel> If you're working on a dynamic web site, you can read the
    Joel> user-agent string to find out which browser is being used,
    Joel> and return the png if it's capable of handling transparent
    Joel> backgrounds, or a gif otherwise. (Mozilla has great support,
    Joel> IE doesn't support it at all).

And I still can't figure out what Opera is doing to my PNGs with a
transparent background.  They look all the world as if it has
converted it to an low-color indexed GIF.  The only way around it has
been to convert my logo to JPEG (and give up the transparency which
Opera wasn't handling anyway) and accept a slightly softened image.

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