>>>>> "Juliet" == Juliet Jennifer Mari R <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Juliet> Hello to the TIFF recomender, Guess you have an enourmous
    Juliet> disk space available, usually people cannot afford store
    Juliet> images in TIFF format... we have to cope with jpg and
    Juliet> gifs.

As Joel said, if your are working for *print* save as TIFF.  He didn't
say put the TIFF on the web site.  My raw scans are all TIFF and are
archived on CD that way, sometimes with the GIMP XCF files on the same

    Juliet> The IE5 supports transparency in pictures very well,
    Juliet> that's the informaton stored within the graphic :) try a
    Juliet> gif format and u may smile. 

Yes, and that was also his recommendation.  *GIF* is a
lowest-common-denominator format for transparency.  IE5 breaks on PNGs
with transparency.  Try it.

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