John Culleton writes:
> The latest version of Photoshop is being praised for its improved tool for
> removing wrinkles etc. from a headshot. Can anyone evaluate this facility vis 
> a vis  the similar tools in Gimp, used for the same purpose?

I'm glad someone brought that up.  A friend who just bought the latest
OS X upgrade was raving about the "healing brush" and how wonderful it
was.  I asked him to describe it, and after hearing his description,
I said "It sounds a like the clone tool with Mode set to something
other than Normal", but I wasn't clear enough from his vague description
exactly what that mode would be.  He experimented and found a photoshop
mode in their clone tool that seemed to do almost exactly the same
thing (I've forgotten which mode), and agreed that it might be
just an easier interface on something that was already possible.

Then I told that story to a graphic artist who also just upgraded to
the new PS, and he said no no, healing brush was something new and
wonderful and nothing like clone tool with a different mode.  But
you know how (some) artists are, it's impossible to get any specific
information out of them, so I never did find out what was supposed
to be so different.

It left me pretty curious.  Anyone know what healing brush actually does?
Is it something gimp's clone tool modes can't do?

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