Dante writes:
> I'm going to buy my first graphical tablet - for amateur usage (just for fun, 
> I like drawing :-). Which tablets would be good ? Any advices ? 

Sam Jones writes:
> I only have a USB tablet.  Configuration was a bit tough.  I think serial 
> tablets have more stable drivers.  I prefer USB, but serial would have 
> been less work.

I have a new USB Graphire 2 (the small cheap Wacom) and spent the last
couple weeks struggling to get it working; tonight I think I finally
have it.

Here's the key: http://www.blankslate.net/comp/wacom.php

You'll find lots of other howtos on using wacoms, but the others are
all way out of date and won't help if you have a recent distro or kernel;
this one also lists the kernel configuration options you need
(which turned out to be part of my problem).

He mentions that he uses the devices in Screen mode, not Window mode:
that turns out to be mandatory.  Gimp 1.2.3 crashes if you put any of
the three devices in screen mode (followups on that to gimp-developer).

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